How Many Baths Per Week Are Too Many? How Often Should I Bathe?

How Many Baths Per Week Are Too Many? There really isn’t a definitive answer, but most medical experts say a bath or shower a day is fine.  However, two to three times a week is also fine for most people.  Read further for more information and then decide what is best for you.  

This question seems to have some emotional reactions attached to it.  Which I will note. Popular concerns are conserving water, possibly damaging your skin, smelling of body odor, and using the right soap. I plan to research this topic to help you answer this question.  

Does your skin itch?  Are you worried about body odor?  Or a rash or skin condition?  All these issues should be involved as you consider your bathing rituals.  Hopefully your cleansing practices will provide you with healthy skin, and not just clean your body.  

Therefore, take into consideration what your goals are when you bathe.  Merely just wanting to be clean is fine, and there are hundreds of products to accomplish that goal.  But in case you have other questions about this topic, I hope I can answer them here.

What Does Bathing Do To Skin?

Water and soap wash away any dirt you have contacted and oils your body produces.  Bathing also washes off dead skin cells.  But there are some good bacteria on your skin that promote healthy immune cells.  

Because bathing washes off natural oils from your skin, it can naturally dry out the skin.  Therefore, it is recommended that you take short baths or showers.  This would also help reduce wasting water, which is a concern here in California.  

Our conclusion here is that bathing cleans off dirt and dead skin, but also removes some healthy bacteria and natural body oils.  Therefore it is important to be conscious of our bathing rituals.

How Many Baths Per Week Are Too Many?

Why Should You Clean Your Skin?

Cleaning, as the word implies, makes your skin free from dirt and dead skin cells.  It can also remove other irritants from your skin.  Your skin is your defense shield so maintaining it is important.  Washing with a quality soap or body wash not only removes dirt and dead cells, but it can moisturize and repair your skin as well.

And cleaning your skin can help prevent body odor.  What causes body order?  The simple answer is a combination of bacteria and sweat.  But there could be other factors that cause it or make it worse, like diet or even medications.  

But your first defense in avoiding body odor can be a shower to remove the bacteria and sweat.  

How Can Bathing Damage Your Skin?

As stated above, by removing healthy oils, water can act as a drying agent.  Combine that with a harsh soap, and you have results that will dry your skin more.  This can result in itching, cracking, and maybe other problems.  

Therefore, the general recommendation is to bathe 2 – 3 times per week.  This will keep you clean, mostly free from body odor and help your skin to nourish itself.  To further enhance your skin’s health, it is recommended to use a moisturizing soap and a moisturizing lotion after your bath or shower.

If you find you have dry or cracked skin, then you may be bathing too much.  Your skin is made up of water, natural oils, and natural proteins.  If we don’t take proper care of this organ, you may experience dryness and itching.  

If you must bathe frequently, invest in a gentle skin hydrating cleanser.  My post regarding moisturizing Body Wash discusses some options. Check it out here: Most Popular and Best Moisturizing Body Wash for Dry Skin.

Benefits of Not Bathing Every Day

Since from the previous we can conclude that bathing everyday may dry out your skin and wash away good bacteria, we can gain benefits from not bathing every day.  You won’t be washing away the healthy bacteria and oils, and your skin benefits from those.

Some research even suggests that your immune system is healthier with fewer baths, as well as lowering allergic symptoms.  

I suggest you adjust your bathing routine to find the right balance for your skin.  

How Many Baths Per Week Are Too Many?

Medifine Skin Clinic

There are People Who Should Bathe Everyday

According to doctors at the American Academy of Dermatology, people with psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis should be showering daily.  Showers are recommended over baths in this case.

Dr Brodsky is quoted in this article Is showering every day detrimental to your health?  See Is showering every day detrimental to your health?  

Considerations for Conserving Water

Less frequent bathing will of course save water.  But don’t stop there.  A brief shower is suggested to also conserve water.  And the briefer time spent in the bath or shower, the less you dry out your skin.  

I found conflicting information concerning showering or taking a bath; which conserves water?  I conclude that if you fill your tub, you are using about 70 gallons of water.  A quick shower might use only 45 gallons.  Maybe just less water in the tub, and a faster shower will help you conserve water.  And reduce your water bill too!

Is There a Right Soap?

Personal preference will help you determine what you like in a soap or cleanser.  I wrote an article about what makes a great soap.  The qualities that determine a great soap are:

  • Lather
  • Hardness
  • Moisturizing
  • Cleaning

Here’s a link to my article What Makes a Great Bath Soap? | Key Features if you want to explore this topic further.  

Here’s a delightful video of a Dermatologist’s routine. There are several great tips here!


My conclusion in answering this question is that 2 – 3 baths/showers per week is the optimum amount.  As long as you don’t suffer from excessive body odor, you should be fine with this practice.  And you should see your skin be less dry and healthier.  

If you have questions or comments, please leave them below!