5 Insane (But True) Things About Bath Products for Men

Bath Products for Men?  Is there such a thing as Bath Products for Men?  Do Men Like Bath Products?  What Bath Products Do Men Like?   Why Would a Man Want to Take a Bath?  Are Men Who Take Baths Real Men?  Read further for answers to these questions.  

Is There Such a Thing as Bath Products for Men?  

Yes, there are!  Retailers like Bath and Body Works have several products for men.  Bed, Bath and Beyond also feature men’s products.  Merely doing a Google search turns up hundreds of bath products, and many of them specifically made for men.  So yes, there is such a thing as bath products for men.

I confess that as a woman, I don’t know much about men’s products, so that’s why I began this research.  Perhaps you are looking for a unique Father’s Day gift.  Maybe a bath product would be the answer.  

There are bath bombs, bath salts, bath soaps.  There are of course other grooming products for men as well.  Do a little detective work to find out his favorite scents.  Then you can surprise him with a gift that is intentionally unique for his enjoyment.

Men's Bath Products

Do Men Like Bath Products?

I’m going to reason from the fact that there are hundreds of bath products specifically for men, that yes, men like bath products.  I wonder which came first?   Men taking baths because there are manly bath products, or bath products were created because men take baths?

According to my research, men’s products must be distinctly male.  So the scents must be identified as manly and not feminine.  Therefore, no fruity smells, no flower smells and nothing that is pink.  

The products must also be functional, especially formulated to get a body clean.  This is probably why many of the products smell fresh and natural, sort of like a walk in a forest in the early morning.  So fragrance is a large part of how popular a bath product will be with men.  

What Products Do Men Like?

Interestingly, several products for men in the body wash category are 3-in-1 which means they can be used as a shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  Makes me wonder if men are so lazy they can’t be bothered with three different products!  Sorry guys!  

My research states that 3-in-1 products are made for convenience and getting clean.  So if those are your goals, definitely use that.  However, you are sacrificing healthy hair, because you are not getting a quality conditioner.  And you are not getting much skin care because the cleansing chemicals used to clean your hair are not good for your skin.  

See this article link Is 3-in-1 Body Wash for Men Worth It?  You’ll get a guy’s review of 3-in1 products.  

From my research I found these categories of products seemed to be the most popular:

  • Bath Bombs
  • Skin Moisturizing
  • Relaxing
  • Muscle soothing
  • Cleansing
  • Bath Salts

Scents that were popular with men are:

  • Bergamont
  • Sandalwood
  • Vanilla 
  • Pine

Over and over again I noted that Bath and Body Works seems to be a popular store for men’s bath products.  Some of the popular products have names that certainly sound masculine, like Slate, Ocean, and Marble.  

Many products now offer essential oils as part of the product.  Most of the oils add fragrance.  Some oils, like lavender, eucalyptus and frankincense can also have medicinal properties as well.  Figure these facts into your purchase.  

Here’s a video of a guy that has done some research and comparison.  He seems very invested in his recommendations.

Reasons Men Give for Taking a Bath

Men have some of the same reasons to take a bath that we women have.  Which makes sense.  Here are the following reasons that men give for taking a bath.

  • Clean up
  • Relax
  • Quiet alone time
  • Warm up
  • Heat therapy for sore muscles and other pains
  • Hope partner joins them

Men Who Take Baths Are Real Men!

For some reason, there seems to be a popular misconception that men who take baths are not manly.  I guess that comes from the idea that seeing a man in a bubble bath seems silly.

But from my research, men aren’t usually after a bubble bath as much as a nice hot soak in water that may be infused with some bath salts.  So although men enjoy a bath, they might enjoy it for reasons different from women.  

A bath is a multi-use experience.  You can wash yourself to get cleaned up, but also just relax.  You may relax and enjoy your time alone.  Or you may enjoy the heat of the water to warm you up and soothe sore muscles.  

Bath Products for Men


I am not going to make any at this point, as far as a particular product.  However, I will advise that you purchase a product that you are reasonably sure will be one with a fragrance enjoyed by the man.  That’s why I recommend you do some research.  My friend likes Old Spice Aftershave, but I’m not sure he would want to bathe in it.  

Also keep in mind the purpose the man wants for taking a bath.  Salts are recommended for sore muscles, and some fragrances can be relaxing.  Just as an aside, Epsom Salts do not have the therapeutic effect they are promoted to have.  See this article:  Can Epsom Salt Relieve Pain? But Not In A Way That You Think.

On the other hand, I have researched some relaxing products, and you can see the recommendations here: What To Put In Your Bath For a Relaxing Experience.

Also, be careful if your man has allergies or skin sensitivity.  Aveeno and Tom’s of Maine have products for men with those issues.  


By doing a bit of research and casually talking with your male friend or loved one, you should be able to ascertain some of his personal preferences.   A bath product might be the ultimate surprise as a gift and if researched properly, very appreciated.  

What do you think?  Do you have other ideas or some advice for bath products for men?  Leave your thoughts here. 

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