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Welcome to Best Bath Products.


Hello. I’m Barbara, creator of Best-Bath-Products.com. I want to share my love for taking baths with everyone! Hence, the creation of this website. When you build a website, you should build it around something you love. Well I love warm baths!

I love taking baths. It is a luxury for me. And it is a luxury that isn’t that expensive. It caps the close of my day, where I can relax and prepare for sleep. And with all the products available to us, we can customize our bath experience.


There is actually science showing that a warm bath can help you sleep better! As I get older, and because of my chronic pain, I find sleeping isn’t always guaranteed. But if I can make getting a good night’s sleep a better possibility, then I will do that. That’s where a warm bath comes in.

And of course let’s not forget why we bathe in the first place; to get clean. While simple soap and water can achieve that, you might like to explore the products I feature to make your bathing more productive.

We can increase the enjoyment of that experience by using products that enhance this. There are products for dry skin, itchy skin, for seniors, for children, and much more. There are products that provide aromatherapy for different results. I recommend some safety measures as well, to ensure an environment where no accidents can occur.

It is my hope that by providing this information, your bathing activities will be more pleasurable.


It is my hope you will find information that will help you to decide what you need to enjoy bathing at a new level. I know this isn’t an earth-shattering subject, but I do think taking care of yourself is important for physical and mental health. Taking a bath is one way I do this.

If you have questions about this topic, or have comments to make, please leave them below. Do you have an idea you’d like me to explore? Great! Leave those as well.

Here’s to relaxing in a warm soothing bath!

Barbara, barbara@best-bath-products.com


2 thoughts on “About Barbara – Best Bath Products”

  1. Hello Barbara, read your new site. I do love a warm bath at the end of the day, but I’m finding it harder to get out of the tub of late. I have a bar to get ahold of but it’s not much help. I’d love that tub that has a built in seat but our bathroom will not accommodate it. My reason for write to say hello and miss you, and what products do you recommend for a relaxing bath? Blessings Patty

    • Thanks Patty. I appreciate your comment. Miss you too! I haven’t researched enough to make any recommendations for products yet. So stay tuned! Blessings to you also.


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