Popular Bath Products That Are Affordable | A Review

Popular Bath Products That Are Affordable | A Review

In this article, I compare some popular bath products that are affordable.  I will review Avon, Aveeno, and Dr. Teal’s and provide you with the types of products, where you can buy them, and a price range.  It is my hope you can find a product that gives you some enjoyment in your bath experience.  

Popular Bath Products That Are Affordable | A Review

Why You Might Buy a Bath Product

As you may know from reading my previous posts, I find taking a bath is a wonderful experience.  Not only am I cleaning my body, but I can relax, soothe my chronic pain, and make my skin healthier.  

That’s where many bath products come into the picture.  Some products will clean you, others will moisturize, and others will affect your skin to be healthy.   

The following products are ones that I have used and seem to be very popular.  I hope my comparisons will be helpful in your search for products that may make your bathing experience one of the best parts of your day.  

The Products

I will compare Avon, Aveeno, and Dr. Teal’s products.  I know there are many more companies out there that provide great products, but I like these companies because they aren’t very expensive.  I have affiliate links in this article that take you to companies that sell the product. If you purchase through these links, I receive a referral fee.


Although you may associate this company with makeup, they have a decent bath products line.  These products include Bath Oils, Bubble Bath, Body Wash, Body Scrub, and Bath Soap.  They also carry Shower Gel and Lotions.  

The prices range widely, from $2.50 for soap to $30.00 for Skin So Soft Moisture Bath Oil.  They often run specials and sales, so sometimes you can get a great deal on your favorites.  

Especially with the Skin So Soft Products you get the oil which refreshes your skin.  The body scrubs come with aloe or shea butter for added moisturizing.  Some of the products highlight a relaxing ingredient.  So, you have a wide range of options here with Avon.

I have used Avon for years.  I find their products to be affordable and dependable.  Most are highly fragrances though, so if that isn’t your preference, you may want to try Aveeno.  

This is an affiliate link to Avon’s website.  If you purchase through this link, I receive a small referral fee.  

The great concept about Avon is that individuals can make a career of selling it.  I have read articles where women in other countries are making enough to provide for their families.  I like supporting a company that helps individuals.  They also work toward ending violence against women; see this article.

Avon is a Multilevel Marketing company, so keep that in mind if you have problems with that.  

Popular Bath Products That Are Affordable | A Review


The overall impression I have of this product line is that it uses less chemicals than other products.  I have been using their shampoo and conditioner for some time because there are no sulfates in them.  

Their product line isn’t as extensive as Avon, but they do have Body Scrubs and Body Washes.  And under their treatments section they feature their Soothing Oatmeal Bath Treatment or Soak.  Oatmeal is a wonderful natural treatment for itchy skin!  

Aveeno promotes natural products, and eco-friendly harvesting and production.  Then they use less additives than other products.  So if you are concerned about Planet Earth, then this would be the product for you.  

Prices are also very reasonable, ranging from $6.62 to $9.29.  I have been happy with my Aveeno purchases.  Which include a lotion that I find very moisturizing.  

You can purchase Aveeno products through this link to Amazon. I will receive a small referral fee if you purchase through this link. Currently the Oatmeal Soak is almost half off!

Popular Bath Products That Are Affordable | A Review

Dr. Teal’s

I started using the Lavender Foaming Bath years ago.  I love to take bubble baths and the lavender fragrance has been shown to calm the nervous system.  

This company really specializes in bathing products, in fact this is their emphasis.  They have scrubs, body soaks, body wash, foaming baths, body scrubs, and even a foot soak.  I prompte many products containing Epsom salts.  

The popular claim is that Epsom salts can relieve pain.  However, I did research for another website and found this not to be the case, according to science.  See my article: Can Epsom Salt Relieve Pain? But Not In A Way That You Think.  Bottom line, Epsom salts may have some restorative benefits, but don’t count on them to relieve your pain.  

However, the use of essential oils for fragrance does have some science to back up the calming claim.  One of those oils is lavender, so you can use the Lavender Foaming Bath knowing it will have a relaxing effect.  

Most products are very reasonably priced, starting around $4.87 and up to $5.87.  However they feature a special soaking solution with activated charcoal for $16.46. You can purchase Dr. Teal’s products at Amazon. Again, I receive a small referral fee if you buy through this link.

My Comparison Chart – with links to purchase

AvonAveenoDr. Teal’s
Price$ – $$$$$$
My Favorite ProductSkin So Soft Bath OilOatmeal SoakLavender Foaming Bath
Where to BuyAvonWalmartWalmart


As I stated in one of my articles, be careful and safe in the tub.  Many oils and soap additives are slippery and can make the tub surface slippery.  Hold on to the sides of the tub when you get in and get out.  

Bubble baths can cause genital irritation, so use sparingly.  It would be a good idea to rinse off that part of your body after a bubble bath.  

Those with sensitive skin would probably be safer with Aveeno products, but test a small amount first just to be safe.  


I hope this article was helpful as you search for bath products.  If you have other suggestions, please leave them below.  I would love to research other products!  Questions or any other comment are appreciated.   

Best Bath Products for Itchy Skin and Other Helpful Products

Do you have itchy skin?  Do you want to get some relief?  Of course you do!  Are there products that can help with this problem?  Yes there are! Read more to learn about the Best Bath Products for Itchy Skin and Other Helpful Products.

Why Does My Skin Itch?

First, itchy skin or parts of your skin that itch may be caused by a variety of things.

There are the situations where you get an occasional itch from sunburn, poison ivy or a bug bite.  These are certainly irritating, but not considered chronic.  Other causes could be an allergic reaction or dry skin.  

Best Bath Products for Itchy Skin and Other Helpful Products

Chronic itchy skin is classified as an itch that lasts longer than six weeks.  This situation can be very disruptive and agonzing.  These could be skin conditions like eczema or shingles.  Or they could be infectious diseases like ringworm or scabies.  

It is best to see a doctor if your itchy skin persists.  You may need a diagnosis and a prescription.  Here is a great resource link from the American Academy of Dermatology which provides some good information.

But if you are only experiencing occasional itchiness, then these recommendations may help.

Easy Recommendations for Relieving Itchy Skin

The easiest and cheapest possible solutions are probably available to you right now!  They are:

  • Use a cold wet cloth or ice pack on the itchy area.  Don’t leave on too long.  The ice could damage your skin tissue.  I leave it on for a few seconds, remove, then reapply.  I have read that 10 minutes is the maximum time you should allow ice to be on your skin.
  • Moisturizer with a lotion that has moisturizing properties.  Avoid fragrances, as these can cause itching in certain individuals.  Put the lotion in the refrigerator for a bit.  The coolness will calm the itching.  
  • Apply a baking soda paste.  Use one tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of water, rub on irritation, let sit for 10 minutes, wash off.
  • Calamine lotion is still highly recommended for skin irritations.  Apply as directed.  

Bathing Recommendations for Relieving Itchy Skin

Although it may be tempting to soak in a hot bath, the hot water will probably increase the itching.  A warm bath is recommended in this case.  Warm is considered to be about 98 degrees.  Here are suggestions for making the bathtub a remedy for itchy skin.

  • Add baking soda!  Yes, just as it is helpful as a paste applied to the skin, it is also helpful in the tub.  Add ¼ to ½ a cup to a warm bath and soak for 10 minutes.  
  • Make an oatmeal bath.  Oatmeal has many soothing properties.  You should grind about a cup in a food processor so it is very fine.  Your goal is to have it mix with the water (to form a colloid), and not drop to the bottom of the tub.  Soak in a warm bath for 10 minutes.
  • Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment is a product you can purchase.  The product contains only colloidal oatmeal!  Which you can make with your food processor and oatmeal, as I stated above.  But if you want to purchase it, here is a link.  I receive a small referral fee if you purchase the product through this link.
Best Bath Products for Itchy Skin and Other Helpful Products
  • SheaMoisture African Black Soap Soothing Bath Powder is another recommended product.  This product combines the colloidal oatmeal with shea butter, which is a wonderful moisturizing product. It also contains rice bran. Here’s the link to Amazon. I receive a small referral fee if you purchase from this link.
  • Eczema Honey Oatmeal Comfort Bubble Bath.  Don’t let the name fool you.  It is a wonderful product that is made for sensitive skin conditions, and will help you feel less itchy and moisturized at the same time.  Plus this has the benefit of bubbles, for those of us who are still children at heart.  A great review by a satisfied customer, here.  5 stars.

Other Helpful Products

  • Use Domeboro.  This is a medicated powder that you can make into a soak by adding water.  I have used it over the years, and it never fails to bring relief.  Here’s a link to the product site.  I do not have an affiliate relationship with this product, but highly recommend it. 
  • Another surprising home remedy that is cheap is vinegar.  I have seen recommendations using both apple cider and white vinegar.  Not only should it quiet the itching, but it is an antibacterial, so if you have open sores, it will help heal.  It might sting though!  Just dab some on a cotton ball and pat onto the itch. 
  • Have an aloe vera plant?  Cut off part of a leaf, cut it open, and scrape the gel out.  Apply to skin.  Also has healing properties.  
  • After using any of these products, you may want to moisturize with a lotion.  If so, use one without fragrances and added chemicals, which can dry out skin and cause more itching.  


I am not a doctor.  All these ideas I have posted are ones I have either researched or tried.  If you are concerned about any product, try it on a small area of your skin before you use it more extensively.  If you don’t have any adverse reactions, then it is probably safe for you to use.  That is even true for baking soda!  Some people are sensitive to it!

Otherwise, contact your doctor!  Or a pharmacist.  

And please be very safe when you bathe. I wrote an article on bathing safety. Click here to read it; How To Be Safe in the Bathtub.


Do you have other solutions? Or do you have questions? Please leave them below and I will do my best to get back to you with the answers.