What To Put In Your Bath For a Relaxing Experience

Looking for ways to make your bath more relaxing?  I’ve researched what to put in your bath for a relaxing experience.  And I have other hints to make you feel like you’re at a spa!  

Looking for ways to make your bath more relaxing?  I’ve researched what to put in your bath for a relaxing experience.  And I have other hints to make you feel like you’re at a spa!  

What To Put In Your Bath For a Relaxing Experience


For most of us, we bathe to clean our bodies.  But for some of us, we like to soak in the warm water and find it relaxing.  But what if we could up the experience and make our bath even more relaxing?

I think that is possible so I am sharing my research results with you.  I hope you will try one of these suggestions.  

Essential Oils

An essential oil is obtained from the essence of plants. The oils have many uses, but for our purposes here, we are going to focus on what oils are recommended for relaxation.  Lavender oil is the most often recommended.  This is because science has actually shown that the aroma of lavender can actually reduce anxiety and therefore be very relaxing.  

Here is the study from the National Institute of Health if you want to read about these studies;  Lavender and the Nervous System.

Other oils that are recommended are Rose Oil, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Chamomile and Frankincense.  I did a study of essential oils for pain, and found only a few had science backing them up.  Only lavender made the cut.  If you want to read about it, here is the article; Pain Relief With Essential Oils. Do They Work?


What To Put In Your Bath For a Relaxing Experience

Much has been said about the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger and how it can help with digestion.  But Asian cultures have been using ginger in the bath for ages, as it is believed to balance out circulation.  And a secondary benefit is that it encourages sleep.  

There are many bath products containing ginger that are available online.  I have an affiliate link here that provides you the option to purchase.  If you do so, I receive a referral fee.  Bath Salts with Ginger and Lemon Oil. This product has a 4.6 star rating and is an Overall Pick on Amazon.


From my previous article, Best Bath Products for Itchy Skin and Other Helpful Products, you learned that an oatmeal soak or lotion is wonderful for itchy skin.  It is also helpful for relaxing as well. 

Although there appears to be no chemical reaction from oatmeal that affects your mood, the fact that it will nourish your skin, calm itchiness and hydrate your skin, should lead to a relaxing effect.  

And you probably have oatmeal on hand so you can make an oatmeal soak today!

Coconut Oil

My research didn’t actually show that coconut oil relaxes you.  But it has been shown to nourish your skin, thus reducing the signs of aging.  So I guess you could say that if you know your skin will look younger when after you soak in coconut oil, you will feel calmer and younger!  

Be extra careful not to add too much.  This oil is especially slippery; on your skin and the bottom of the tub once it is drained.  Keep some big towels close by.  


What To Put In Your Bath For a Relaxing Experience

This is another product that doesn’t have scientific support for relaxing you, but does have other benefits.  The fats in milk can nourish your skin, thereby reducing itching and dryness.  You can use almost any milk, except for skim because it doesn’t have enough fat.  You can even use dry milk.  

However, if you want a natural product with relaxing fragrances added, here’s a suggestion. Moisturizing Lavender Chamomile Milk Bath. This product checks all the boxes because it comes with chamomile, lavender and shea butter. I’d be careful I didn’t fall asleep in the bathtub! It has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon. This is another affiliate link, where I earn a fee if you purchase.

Other Items To Include For a Relaxing Experience

Dim lights

Bright lights will not enhance your bathing experience.  Bright light makes you more alert.  And you want the opposite.  So hopefully you have a dimmer switch or a muted option for your bathroom.  

Just be careful to not make it too dark.  Bathtub safety is my main concern, so have your area lit enough to be able to see and be safe.


Most of us women enjoy the fragrances and waving flame of a candle.  Adding this in your bathroom can provide a relaxing environment, especially if it is an aromatherapy candle.  You can have one or many.  This will also add light to the area.

What To Put In Your Bath For a Relaxing Experience

Again, practice safety.  Have the candle in a safe container, and preferably away from you knocking it over.  If it is on the counter, make sure it is away from towels and paper products.  Think safety first!

Relaxing Music

Choose what you like in this category.  Our musical tastes can be so different, so find your favorite.  Use a small bluetooth device to enhance the experience.  Keep the volume low though for more relaxation.

Bath Caddy

There are so many variations available!  You can go very simply with a basket beside your bathtub.  Some suggestions for the contents would be a towel and your bathing products including what you would add to your bath.  Do you want to read?  Then your book and glasses.  (Though the following video says don’t read; it causes neck strain.)

There are also many versions of the caddy that fits over both sides of the tub, like a bridge.  There are wood ones, plastic ones, and metal ones.  Some even have a stand to hold your book up.  I plan to write a review about bath caddies in the future. In the meantime, you can search the web. There are several available.

A Few Words of Caution

Before you use any product in your bath water, check to see if you have a sensitivity or reaction to it, by putting a small amount on your skin.  Wait a bit to see if you have any reaction.  

Also do not, under any circumstances, use electronics while bathing.  Water and electricity can kill you!

Some oils and soaps will make the bottom of your bathtub slippery.  Make sure they are dissolved and dispersed in the water before you step in.  Hold on to the side or to your safety bar as you slowly step in.  And be careful getting out as well.  Use your towel to dry your hands so you have a better grip while you get out.  


I would love to hear of some other ideas you have to make your bath experience relaxing. And if you have questions, or comments, please leave them below.